Saturday, October 23, 2010

I still love you from the top of my heart.

She is in the city, dodging the bustling folk walking to God knows where for God knows what. I am in Grand Rapids, slowly moving past the nineteen year old kid playing banjo in front of the farmers market while deciding which kind of apples to purchase with my two dollars in quarters. She sits in her lofty apartment playing piano while taxi drivers impatiently honk out her window. I hear Marion and Cleo knocking at my door asking to play soccer.

You are there.

And I am here.

You're a New York babe.

And I'm a Grand Rapids frump.

Our lives are seemingly opposite and all I want is for you to put it on the damn floor baby girl.

As lady GaGa would say, lets write a bad romance? Or just a song..or something..or anything.

Let's plant little flowers together.